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What is Hits Blunt Genetics?

Hits Blunt originally launched in 2014 as a viral meme. Hits Blunt it is a catchphrase associated with a series of high thoughts. It became one of the largest cannabis media agencies throughout the world. Elevating some of the largest brands on social.

We are now focusing on our own brand, no longer advertising other brands as we work on becoming a leading competitor within the space.

Ready to build a community of cannabis leaders throughout our cannabis genetics segment. HBG ~ Summer 2022

Packaging Design

Our team has carefully designed award winning cannabis packaging ready to market. Our packaging consists of double the security for child proofing.


With over 3 million followers and billions of impressions, our brand will never go unnoticed. We are currently the 3rd largest cannabis brand on social.

Legal team

We believe in the value of our genetics. Our legal team is here to help focus on the protection of our proprietary strains. This makes sure competitors cannot steal your work.


Our team has the partnerships in place to consistently move all sound genetics. All genetics are tested to the highest standards before market penetration. COA's will be generated upon approvals.

Latest Strains

Are You A
Seed Breeder?

First, begin by reaching out to our team via email or Instagram to see if you’d be a great fit for our team. We have a very rigorous approval process for accepting all new seed breeding applicants.

Utilize our branding for an immediate success. Your genetics must be completely unique with zero penetration in the marketplace. It is our responsibility to effectively introduce your genetics to the market. If your genetics are found in the market we will discontinue your products and working relationship.

We will work together to develop proprietary genetics. We will protect the time you invested into creating these unique genetics via lab testing, legal protection, etc.

Our job is retail, legal, sciences, marketing, packaging & branding. Your job is genetics. 

Quality breeders with large cultivation efforts can earn hundreds of thousands.

All payments will be made 30 days after sale of the genetics. This is because this is how our partners pay us. We work with all major seed banks so we are capable of moving genetics fast, especially if you come to us with award winning strains! 

Our Partners

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